About me

Photography is about a single point of a moment. It's like stopping time. If you keep creating these points, they form a line which reflects your life.
Nobuyoshi Araki

Brisbane based photographer


Ciao! I’m Sonia, an Italian freelance photographer born in Milan and raised in Salerno, a southern province of Italy and the place my heart calls home. (If you’re ever asked about your favourite cheese in front of me, say ‘buffalo mozzarella’ and you may just get a discount!) As you can imagine, I’m the sort of camera fanatic who can’t stop taking photos on holiday, gets lost watching people in the streets, and always exhausts friends by taking photos of them. Apart from photography, I’m passionate about travelling, and whenever I can get away, I go. Travel has always been a big component of my life, and it helped me grow up.

As a recent homebuyer, I appreciated how the presentation of a property can make or break a sale. At the same time I was researching real estate from buyer's side, I was also study photography. The experience led me to specialize in home and real estate photography. Interior design is another great passion of mine, and my pictures demostrate my eye for composition and detail when presenting a property. 

Gathering up my camera equipment and tackling new challenges never fails to energize me. If it’s time for you to enhance your business profile or your website, get in touch. I’m available for business portraits, private commissions and event photography as well.


Address / Sherwood, QLD 4075

Phone /0452371981